Ancestral Healing: Debts & Trauma. Learn with Namita

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Ancestral Healing: Debts & Trauma

Our bond with our ancestors continues even after their departure from their mortal coil. They are dependent upon us for their welfare in their onward journey. By performing the recommended rituals towards our ancestors with gratitude we facilitate them as they go through the transition of accepting new bodies and identities. Our offerings also support them with the much needed resources in their journey.Performing these rituals assists them and also helps us repay our debts to our departed ancestors. I have created this course with great care and attention after learning from my teachers and from the vedic scriptures: Garuda Purana, Markandeya Purana, Ramayana, Mahabharat, Srimad Bhagavatam and the Bhagavad Gita.

Get Answers to All Your Questions on this Topic!

Through stories, examples and case studies!

What is Pitru Rin (Ancestral debt)?

What is Pitru dosha ? How does it affect you? 

What is the soul's journey after death? Which rituals can ease the journey?

Antyeshti Samskara ( Last Rites and 13 day cermonies)

What are the different types of Shraadh? What are the ritual steps?

What is Pinda Dana? Why should we do shraadh at Gaya?

Why do we feed the crow, the cow, the ants, the fire and the dogs in shradh ceremony?

How do our offerings reach our ancestors?

What is the significance of tila(sesame seeds), kusha grass, pindas, silver and other articles in the ritual?

How do our offerings reach our ancestors? How do the offerings benefit them?

It is an often asked question since our ancestors have moved on and maybe in a different body by now. 

Great Personalities who have performed Shraadh!

Stories from Ramayana, Mahabharat , Srimad Bhagavatam. What does the Gita have to say about Shraadh sanskar?

Gaya Shraadh and Pinda Dana

What is the significane of Gaya Shradh? What are some of the other holy places where shraadh is performed?

What does science have to say about the transfer of inter-generational trauma?

How do the shraadh rituals protect the future generations from the passing of trauma?

Ancestor Veneration in World Cultures

Learn about how the Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese, the africans, the ethnic religions of Europe- celtic, Slavs,, Native Americans, Incas , Mexicans

I look forward to many benefiting by doing their duties towards their ancestors!


Namita Purohit

Namita is an engaged coach and trainer who has served 1000s across United States, Europe and India on emotional intelligence,self-awareness and inner balance. She was featured on KING 5 TV as an expert on Emotional Intelligence and Inner Stability

Namita has offered workshops/talks/coaching to more than 6000 people at Amazon, Costco, Bellevue College, Thinkspace, Cap Gemini, IIT Madras, Indian Army & Indian Navy to name a few. She is certified in Personal Counseling and Energy Healing. 

Additionally, Namita received the Gold Star Employee Award during her stint as a software engineer at Microsoft.

Namita has a holistic approach in working with the body, the mind & energy to bring about a sustainable change in her clients' patterns. She draws from psychotherapy along with the eastern methods of Ayurveda, Mindfulness & Energy Management in her coaching. 

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