Rewrite Your Inner Scripts

Heal your core, overcome self-defeating beliefs to embrace your full potential!

7 week Self-Coaching program!!

Course Summary

Are you getting in your way?
Do you hold back rather than engage fully in your life?
Do you feel undeserving, not good enough or unworthy of success?
Do you find yourself taking two steps front and then two steps back?
Do you mask your emotions and have difficulty setting boundaries?
Do you achieve your goals but undo them, suddenly lose motivation and interest or take action that is not helpful?

Inner Scripts - Your Inner Glass Ceiling
Your inner scripts prevent you from becoming who you are meant to be.We believe we are doing what we need to do to grow. However, we are often following this unconscious framework with self-imposed limitations blocking us from embracing our full glory.

While external factors have a bearing on our future, what is more important to look at and in our control is how our inner scripts/ thinking patterns result in self-sabotage. Most of us carry “inner scripts” that become an inner glass ceiling – blocking us from living our full potential. We follow it unconsciously like a rule book and are extremely fearful of stepping out of line. Because of this we are not able to live to our full potential.

While the external glass ceiling is visible and sits in our awareness, the rules and expectations for this Inner Glass Ceiling are so far ingrained in our subconscious that it sits outside of our awareness.

Coach Yourself in 7 weeks
In this online self-coaching program I help you identify what is blocking you from achieving your goals, recognize those inner scripts and release them through my signature 4 -step program. I want you to operate at your 100% capacity. Unblock yourself and unleash your potential! Signing up for a 1:1 coaching plan can be overwhelming or/and expensive for some. This 7 week self-coaching course comes as a soft landing for you. If you apply yourself to the methods and the weekly homework discussed , I guarantee you 100% success. For some deep rooted issues you may need 1:1 coaching, but for now consider yourself as your own expert armed with the proper resources as you go through this course! Coach yourself to success!

Weekly Time Commitment
It would take about 30-45 minutes each week to watch the videos & about 30 - 45 minutes of time for homework each week.
Ofcourse the introspection will be continuous!

Namita Purohit

Namita is an engaged coach and trainer who has served 1000s across United States, Europe and India on emotional intelligence,self-awareness and inner balance. She was featured on KING 5 TV as an expert on Emotional Intelligence and Inner Stability

Namita has offered workshops/talks/coaching to more than 6000 people at Amazon, Costco, Bellevue College, Thinkspace, Cap Gemini, IIT Madras, Indian Army & Indian Navy to name a few. She is certified in Personal Counseling and Energy Healing. 

Additionally, Namita received the Gold Star Employee Award during her stint as a software engineer at Microsoft.

Namita has a holistic approach in working with the body, the mind & energy to bring about a sustainable change in her clients' patterns. She draws from psychotherapy along with the eastern methods of Ayurveda, Mindfulness & Energy Management in her coaching. 

Anuprita Rao

Senior engineer, Amazon, Seattle

I highly recommend this course. It helped me heal my mind and subconscious. Her sessions involved a lot of introspection and extensive inner work which helped unlock a lot of unknown and unanswered questions about myself. This has caused a paradigm shift in my life which helped heal a number of issues which were all connected and intertwined.My life, which was derailed due to a series of events is now coming back on track!

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