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"Get access to expert advice, training, and resources to help you succeed online with my exclusive membership program."

Over 70% of online business owners feel lost and overwhelmed because they’re told to do a 100 different things and they don't know what will work!

  • You’ve read the books. Taken the courses. Listened to the podcasts. Now, you are stuck with too much information not knowing where to start
  • Marketing  has been extremely overwhelming for you so far 
  • The technology around mailing lists, social media campaigns, course platforms is SCARY!
  • You are great at work, but you are terrible at running the online business! 
  • When you try to outsource the work to a Virtual Assistant or a digital marketing agency you don't get what you need when you need it.

I have been there and I know how scary it is,  even when one of this rings true. And that's why I have created the

"Grow your online business faster and effectively with our comprehensive membership program"

Get answers to your marketing questions: " How do I go about spreading the word?" , "Should I do social media ads?", "Should I make videos or podcasts to attract my audience?" 

No more loneliness. You don't have to figure things out alone. We are here for you! Get access to expert coaching and a community of other online business owners!

No more feeling pressured to follow all the advice on the internet. Instead get a step-wise process that you can tweak for yourself. Get to the next level from wherever you are !

Arrive at a great place in your business: clarity, balance, revenue and conversion - learn how to get there on your own

Shape your unique business and MAGNIFY YOUR RESULTS!

Who is this membership for?

Coaches, online course creators, teachers, health professionals and anyone who wants to builds their online business sharing their expertise with their audience.

Those who are passionate about what they do, are disciplined to put in the hardwork would find this membership to be a good fit for them!

Also those who are looking to build a business tied to dharmic values and spirituality would resonate well with everything we provide here.

Who would not find this membership to be a good fit?

If you are looking for someone to set your business for you, run your marketing, digital marketing, social media, strategy and more then this membership is not a good fit for you. You would rather look for an agency to help you.

What makes us different?

Ditch the rule book!!

We teach you how to play to your strengths as an entrepreneur and do what feels natural to you!

You don't have to buy into the prevailing rulebook around how to build an online business - Sell, sell, sell, run webinars,  be live on your youtube channel everyday, network all the time , be always "on" social media, build complex funnels, run paid ads, analytics, email campaigns, tags. This is draining and impossible!!

With the tools we have, you can carve your own blueprint of how you want to grow your business without any of these things - Yes , you heard me right- I have done it and so can YOU! 

Build it with EASE!

EASE is how I have build my business and am growing it- with Emotional Awareness, Spirituality and Excellence. 

Build something solid and lasting while having balance for yourself, staying connected to your soul and all that is important for you. Checking in with your emotions each time to know what direction they are indicating to you!

Yes it is possible to make those six figures while building a business with EASE! You will learn the same from me!! Build with EASE and zero overwhelm! We have some deep experience in mindset coaching and we offer that to you as well.

Artha- Wealth generation in line with Dharma

The Vedic tradition recognizes four great goals of human life: Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha.

The Goddess of Wealth Laxmi Devi blesses one with Artha- (wealth and resources) only when one works hard with equanimity , discipline , dharmic values and goals!
Dharmic Values means worshipping Her husband Lord Narayana or Vishnu and following the path laid out by Him.

Artha must be kept in check by Dharma and that is the value we follow in all of our EASE programs and that is a value you will learn too as you build your business.

With the EASE Business Membership -you also learn how to shape your mindset according to Dharma and attract the blessings of Laxmi Devi in your life

Shubha (Auspiciousness) and Labha (Profit)

Hindu Business owners also write these very meaningful words in their account books, their bank lockers, their office and home doors and more. 

As you build your online business , your pursuit of profit should also bring auspiciousness in your life and the life of your clients. This is a deep principle and you learn how to incorporate that through the EASE Business Membership.

Hear it from them.. THOSE who have been coached by us

Anand Munshi
TedX Speaker, Author and Exec Coach

Namita Purohit is a high-caliber Life and Business Coach. I approached her to become unstuck in my business strategy.  She helped me take the leap in the online training space. I wanted to do it for many years and her coaching encouraged me to make the shift.

Her ability to weave together life, spirituality, business, tech & marketing in her coaching was a great bonus for me. She also motivated me to scale my offerings with very simple actionable steps. I am even more excited about my work & what the future holds for me. I am grateful to have found her.

Poorva Singh
EASE Life Coach, Assistant Power Engineer

While there are many "how to"  videos and articles on the internet for marketing your coaching business - I found them very confusing and couldn't figure out where to start. It was taking too much of my time and could have taken years. The EASE Business Membership literally saved my life. Joining the EASE Business Membership has given me a lot of direction and actionable steps for my business.

I am getting trained on the exact steps I need to take and the business mindset I need to develop to be successful. Right from my marketing funnel, to lead generation to pricing my coaching packages - I am getting coached for everything with great clarity on next steps. No room for confusion at all. Also Namita Ma'am has made it so easy that I don't feel overwhelmed anymore. I am already getting paid clients and the membership is paying for itself.  I was already amazed by her EASE life coaching and her EASE coach certification programs, as I did those as well. But this business membership provided insight into the vastly different yet profound learnings that Namita Ma'am has to offer in the online business arena.

I am getting the much needed coaching on what the idea, approach, and strategies have to be in order to succeed in the current industry. She is well versed in current marketing and industry trends. Her business experience shines through in her courses and the way she relates to my difficult business and marketing problems and coaches me to deal with them.  I knew nothing about digital marketing technology and automations when I joined, but she has provided me with such a vast array of simplified tools and technology that I now have a high level of confidence in myself. The kind of learning growth I've witnessed in myself in such a short period of time is phenomenal.  

Having her as my Business Coach has taken away the overwhelm I felt in starting my business. And, the best thing about taking this membership is that it keeps you connected to your roots, to your dharma, even as you pursue wealth. This is rare to find in a place where we talk about growing businesses.  I will always be grateful to Namita Ma'am for the EASE learning experience, which I will treasure for the rest of my life.

Ashok Nahar
Habits Coach and Trainer

I have been coaching people for many years. I wanted to take my workshops online. I was looking for a coach who could help me in my online course creation journey.

I reached out to Namita Purohit a few months ago. She coached me in coming up with a realistic step-wise plan of taking my trainings online. She helped me think of every step from the student's perspective. I got coached on which courses I should create, course structure, understanding my customer's pain points, what needs to be there on my sales page , copy and so much more.

She is also really good with tech. I got fantastic advise on the top and most affordable course learning and marketing tools. She also coached me in setting up these things for myself. She has some really sharp techniques there that made going to the market quick and sustainable for me

Membership Plans

Membership Features

Business and Mindset Coaching through Group Calls

Group Coaching calls to give a serious upgrade to your business goals, strategy and mindset. Use these to make the Bold moves you need to make in your Business . Get Coached by accomplished Team EASE Coaches who can help you get there!

Business Course Modules

How do I run this business? Forget running, where do I even start? How do I market myself? How do I do social media? Do I need to run ads? Should I just design an online course, or do only 1:1 coaching or should I have a membership too?  How do I price my programs? What tech tools should I use? How should I launch my program? What is the mindset I need to see this through? These and many more such questions will be answered as you go through the online course modules. You will be able to make your own next steps by following the guidance therein.

Business Creator Community

Connect with incredible, like minded and loving people who are making those Bold moves that you can learn from. Entrepreneurship can be seriously overwhelming when done alone. While you build a Company of One, a supportive community helps in incubation of ideas, shortens your learning curve and creates many avenues for partnership. Our Coaches also answer your questions - be it business, mindset or tech!

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  • You will wish you had the help you need to navigate the complex world of Online Business and marketing
  • You will wish you had accomplished your money goals from the business.
  • You'll wish you had the support of fellow business owners to bounce ideas to.
  • You'll wish you had listened to your heart and joined today!

Be the person who makes their BUSINESS DREAMS come TRUE.

There are millions of people online waiting for you to show up - to coach them, to guide them to teach them.

Leave the doubts away, focus on what's yours and SAY YES TO YOUR BEST VERSION, TO YOUR BEST LIFE!!


When you join EASE Business Membership, you get:

1. Business Course Modules
2. Business and Mindset Coaching through Group Calls with me (Namita Purohit) and Team EASE Coaches
3. Supportive Business Creator Online community to help you work on your mindset and revenue goals

Coaches, online course creators, teachers, health professionals, yoga teachers, and anyone else who wants to build their online business by sharing their expertise with their audience.  

Those who are passionate about their work and are willing to put in the effort will benefit from this membership.

Also, those who are looking to build a business tied to dharmic values and spirituality would resonate well with everything we provide here. 

This is a monthly membership.

You will be auto-charged monthly through your credit card (for USD payments) or through netbanking or debit card mandates (for Rupee payments)! You can cancel anytime you like!  

There is no magic bullet when it comes to building a business. Consistent determination and support is required to ensure massive results. Understanding the industry, customer mindsets, and technology takes time. Also, as your business grows you have newer unknowns to deal with & newer marketing & sales strategies to implement.

We recommend that when you join the membership, you think of it as an opportunity to get a support system as you go through your solopreneur journey.

No, with the EASE Business Membership, we coach you into setting up your online business and running it to a 6 figure income.

If you are looking for someone to set up your business for you, run your marketing, digital marketing, social media, strategy, and more, then this membership is not a good fit for you. You would rather look for an agency to help you.

Absolutely! EASE Business Membership takes place online.

You can take advantage of it from anywhere and join the many members from across the world: the USA, UK, Europe, Canada, India, New Zealand, and Australia.

We have a learning app for students. It's an easy download that helps students fasten their learning and also go deeper in their learning. They can watch/ hear the course modules while doing their daily tasks. The more the absorb the more they GROW & GLOW!

The EASE community is also accessible through the app as well and you can interact with other members and ask your questions on the community through the app!

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