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Emotional Awareness, Spirituality & Excellence

What do you get from me?

  1. I teach you how to coach yourself
  2. I teach you how to feel better
  3. I teach you how to take massive action

EASE Coaching is focused on the 5 most important areas of your life:
 your self, your relationships, career, wealth & spirituality!

Train your mind. Achieve Self-Mastery

Your mind is the most powerful tool in your life. Nothing else can take it's place

Managing your mind( thoughts and emotions) is the most important thing you will ever do to create desired results! None of our traditional education teaches it!

I have the best tools & cutting edge training to manage thoughts, emotions and actions and therefore results. The model is simple to learn and inspiring to apply immediately!

Do it with EASE!

Emotional Awareness

Become aware of yourself. Take Charge of Your Emotions!


Connect with your eternal nature and your spirituality. Find peace and stability!


Achieve success in every area of your life. Start living at your 100% potential!

Work on your body, your energy & your mind!

Your success is my TOP PRIORITY!!
Within 90 days of joining , members report

Higher happiness levels
Increased self-confidence
Soaring motivation levels
Reduced feelings of loneliness
Deep commitment to their purpose
Massive action towards their goals

I am now a different person from the time that I first met her and feel more free. My life, which was derailed due to a series of events, is now coming back on track. I cannot express how indebted I am to her!

Anuprita Rao
Software Engineer, Amazon
Seattle, WA
I did enjoy practicing different mindfulness techniques through Namita's teaching. Her techniques were very helpful for the daily work, which can be stressful and demanding for managers like us. I felt it was useful and it helped to get higher perspective and provide better solutions for many of the problems we meet. Thank you Namita!

Sylvain Dromaint
General Manager, Altix
Seattle, WA

EASE Coaching Membership Tiers

Silver Tier


Payment Plans Available

  • Monthly Group Coaching Calls
  • EASE Success Path Course Modules.
  • Take charge of your mind, emotions and life!

Gold Tier


Payment Plans Available

  • Everything included in SILVER membership tier
  • One 1:1 Coaching Session every month
  • Initial direction setting coaching call to help you set your sails for success!

Silver Tier

With EASE Silver you get to the root of your issues, you overcome them, you set your goals & you achieve them!

Namita's group coaching workshops on emotional development and personal healing have been personally beneficial to me. She deals with personality changes not just from the level of the mind but also helps us work on deep seated thoughts and behaviors in our energy and sub-conscious that are blocking us from living our full self.

Sashidhar K Microsoft, Seattle WA

Group Coaching Calls

  • These calls help you stay focused on your goals!
  • You get the opportunity to ask your most pressing questions and get coaching for them!
  • This is also a place to clarify your doubts as you make progress through the EASE Success Path
  • You feel supported in your journey by a warm community of like minded people. It helps you stay inspired. You also learn from their successes, struggles and life experiences! You are not alone anymore!

EASE Success Path Course Modules!

  • Curated courses modules to help you stay on track with your goals! 
  • Find emotional healing, calm and personal growth!
  • Know yourself, what you stand for, what you want to do with life! Stop feeling lost and stop abandoning yourself.
  • Change your cognitive distortions, overcome negative thinking, increase your resilience and persistence & develop a thick skin to criticism!

silver membership



  • EASE Success Path Lite modules(year long). 
  • Monthly Group Coaching Calls
  • Self-mastery Success Path course modules(year long).
  • Take charge of your mind, emotions and life!


With EASE Gold you get 1:1 coaching every month in addition to everything you get with EASE Silver!

She helped me in releasing the blocks and fears which were unknowingly troubling me since years. Her coaching made me think differently and focus on what is important for me in life. The outcome of her coaching gave a paradigm shift in my life which empowered me to increase my confidence and power to mould my life.

Sailaja A, Dusseldorf Germany

How does the 1:1 Coaching help?

  • You can talk openly about your life experience with Namita and her team of EASE Coaches who are trained to ask you the questions that you should be asking yourself.
  • Namita & her team help you stay honest with yourself, get to the root of an issue, and do the work to get yourself moving forward.  
  • While emotion is acknowledged, Namita and her team help you move past it pretty quick to logically break down the thought process that is blocking you!
  • The objective guidance helps you upgrade your confidence, productivity, and relationships.
  • Periodic meetings with them help you keep things fresh in your mind and make significant progress in the area(s) that you're addressing

1:1 Direction Setting Call

This call with Namita and her team helps you get clarity on your goals and the areas you need to work to achieve them as you progress through the success path!




  • One 1:1 Coaching Session every month with Namita
  • One 1:1 direction setting call with Namita 
  • Monthly Group Coaching Calls
  • EASE Success Path Premium modules! 

EASE Membership FAQ

  • The program is a comprehensive, step-by-step roadmap to achieving inner-balance, elevated well-being, personal success and wisdom. The possibilities of your growth with this program are tremendous. Expect steady, drastic & radical shifts.

Namita's live group coaching calls/ workshops take place in the members only facebook page usually around weekends. You can also access it from the member's area on the website. The schedule will be published in advance. If you miss the sessions you can access the recordings.

You get:
1. Live Group Coaching calls/ workshops with Namita twice a month. The workshops are interactive and you get a chance to have your questions answered.
2. Supportive Online community of people focused on personal well-being and growth!
3. Member discounts to online courses and retreats
4. Various tools and resources on personal development!

You also get to give your inputs on what topics you would like to see covered during the online workshops!

Depending on the plan you select you will be auto-charged monthly, quarterly or yearly. You can cancel anytime you like!

This program is designed to be 100% at your pace. If you miss it you have access to recordings and you can do it at your pace. The monthly challenges whenever announced are also on DIY mode. You will definitely find great changes in yourself even if you dedicate just 30 mins per week!

Yes, apart from the secret Facebook group there is a member's area on site where you can access the live calls, recordings and resources.

Absolutely! All video workshops and meditations , members community are online. You can take advantage from anywhere and join the many members from across the world!

Absolutely. You do what is comfortable for you in the group. You can be an active participant or a passive participant- do whatever works for you and what is best for your learning and inner growth!