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Self Mastery Academy

A Life Coaching program by Namita Purohit

The self-mastery academy helps you grow in the following areas

You don't have to be anxious , depressed, confused, stuck in your patterns, perplexed in relationships nor suffering from abusive/toxic/narcissistic ones!  We can serve you in these areas and a lot more through the self-mastery membership!
Depending on the membership tier you join , you get courses(EASE GPS), coaches and community!

emotional wellness

Yes you can feel good and happy, the difficult emotions can be dealt with by joining the Self-Mastery Academy Membership!

inner child healing

Childhood trauma can be healed and you can feel whole again by the joining the Self-Mastery Academy membership!

Elevate your life

You don't have to feel stuck - work on elevating the 5 areas of your life i.e your self, relationships, career, wealth and your health by joining for the membership

happy family

You don't have to worry about better relationships with your spouse, children and in-laws anymore. Learn the art of relationships by joining the membership.

Heal from emotional abuse

You don't have to suffer anymore, there is a way out. Join the Self Mastery Membership to heal strong

Release your relationship karma

You can release your relationship karma & reduce your karmic debts by enrolling in the Self-Mastery Membership

Heal Your chakras

Your chakras need healing- they are holding many emotions and memories that don't serve you well. Enroll in the self-mastery Membership to bring your chakras back to normal

Law of Attraction

Become a master manifestor - manifest health, wealth, relationships and more when you join the Self-Mastery Academy

Guided Meditations

Get Guided meditations to heal past trauma, your inner child, to forgive, to release karma, to connect with your future self, to love your self and more when you join the Self-Mastery Academy

WEalth Mindset

Yes it is possible to become wealthy in a dharmic way. Learn vedic techniques to move from to elevate your money mindset and  increase your wealth when you join the Self-Mastery Membership

career growth

Feeling stuck, your potential is not being used to the fullest, that you can do better and grow more - Join the Self-Mastery Membership to get the job and position you deserve

physical wellness

Yes, physical wellness is an absolute priority and learn how to get there with Self-Mastery Membership

You don't have to struggle anymore!

Take charge, act with confidence and achieve your big goals with the Self-Mastery Academy (SMA)

No more confusion about the next step in life. No more wondering if you are doing it right. The EASE GPS is here to give you customized steps to your success

No more loneliness. You don't have to figure things out alone. Team EASE  & the SMA community is here for you!

Overcome your mental and emotional blocks!  Learn how to handle your emotions & feel better. Know the science behind your thoughts and feelings. Get better at managing your emotions and releasing the past

Arrive at a great place in your relationships, finances, career & spirituality!  



Emotional Awareness, Spirituality & Excellence

There are many coaching programs out there that promise results, but they only work with your thoughts.

What makes "EASE" different?
You get a complete coaching system where you work on your body, your energy, your mind and spirituality to bring about holistic  transformation!
We bring you the BEST Coaching techniques from the EAST and the WEST!
 This brings about a deeper & quicker level of healing and transformation.
I have seen powerful shifts happen in my client’s lives as they are coached through the EASE tools.

 In 6 weeks, one client was able to overcome her anxiety issues stemming from sexual abuse as a child. Another was able to get a grip on his anger in 2 months and have a better relationship with his colleagues at work. Yet another has been able to stop the non-stop self- critical voice in her head and is now living with more self-love. You can find some case studies here! 

Seeing you grow and glow is what makes my job so fulfilling, and I can't wait to see how you transform your life. I'm confident that this program will be a game-changer for you, and I'm honored to be a part of your journey towards success.

Member Testimonials

Hear it from them..
THOSE who have been coached by us

Namita's group coaching workshops on emotional development and personal healing have been personally beneficial to me. She deals with personality changes not just from the level of the mind but also helps us work on deep seated thoughts and behaviors in our energy and sub-conscious that are blocking us from living our full self.

Specifically, she brings in the best of both the worlds viz; western and eastern healing technologies and utilizes them for the benefit of the person.
Sashidhar K

Microsoft, Seattle WA

Her sessions involved a lot of introspection and extensive inner work which helped unlock a lot of unknown and unanswered questions about myself. She addressed each concern distinctly and helped heal them by providing me tools and frameworks to apply. Working with her has caused a paradigm shift in my life which helped heal a number of issues that were all connected and intertwined.

I would highly recommend her Life coaching sessions....I am now a different person from the time that I first met her and feel more free. My life, which was derailed due to a series of events, is now coming back on track. I cannot express how indebted I am to her!
Anuprita R

Amazon, Seattle WA

I cannot explain how immensely grateful I feel as I pen down this testimonial for the EASE platinum program. My incredible Team EASE coach helped me navigate the complex challenges that life bought my way . I found myself struggling with situations without any real tools to deal with them effectively.

 My coach was very patient with me and was always trying to steer me in the right direction by asking me probing questions which encouraged me to look deeper and find my answers methodically. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is dealing with complicated life situations to find yourself a coach who can really give you support and right direction. You don't have to do everything alone

D - Software Engineer
Seattle, USA

EASE Program has helped me a lot in my Inner journey in discovering my own self and understand my life incidents with the light of Ancient wisdom. One of the best things is it has shifted my attention from outer world to inner world.

Also, I learnt about various tools through this program that I can continue to implement in my life and continue being a better version of myself. I sincerely Thank my 1:1 coach and also Namita ji for bringing the light of self-confidence, self-love and wisdom in my life that will continue to help me grow spiritually and serve the purpose of my life.

D J,
PhD Pharma Research, Sweden
I worked with my Team EASE Coach under EASE platinum program for 6 months. The inner script and healing work that she did with me really helped me gain inner strength and transformation. Her consistent guidance helped me gain insights about myself which were probably very difficult to gain otherwise. I am glad to have subscribed to this program. Highly recommend it to anyone who really wants to go on this difficult, yet most rewarding journey of self growth and development. My heartfelt thanks to my coach and Miss Namita.

Orange County, USA
I worked closely with my Team EASE Coach when I was going through a challenging phase balancing work and life. She is a fantastic coach who understands the nuances and the pains of the corporate life very well. In our personal journey we may have built several belief which could have been limiting our potential in different ways - the sessions helped me understand my deep hidden beliefs and the reason behind them through a practical and philosophical approach . It helped me uncover my craving for a higher purpose of my life . Be ready to engage, do some deep thinking and get uncomfortable at times – it will put you on a totally different path !  Thank you to my Team EASE Coach and Namita - Highly recommend the EASE platinum program.
R R ,Senior Director
Bengaluru, India

Membership Tiers

Get the EASE Self-Mastery Membership 

A program that will help you take charge, act with confidence & achieve your big goals. 
Click the text below to know what each feature means!

Are you looking for 1:1 coaching ? Check out our Results Coaching Offering by clicking the button below

Membership Features

Group Coaching Calls with Team EASE Coaches 

Group Coaching calls to give a serious upgrade to your goals, mindset, energy and health. Make the Bold moves you need to make to get ahead in life. Get coached by accomplished Team EASE Coaches who can help you get there!  The calls help you stay accountable, clarify your doubts, get direction and achieve your goals.

Access to EASE GPS Courses

Watch this to know what all is included!

Whether it's narcissistic abuse recovery, inner child healing, improved relationships, finding your partner, emotional wellness, law of attraction, wealth, karma release, inner child healing or social skills, you will benefit greatly from my guidance and expertise through the EASE GPS - Growth Path to Success.
Get a custom  curated list of courses and guided meditations you need to grow yourself in any of these areas and more! These courses are worth thousands of dollars if you buy them individually. You get access to all of them with the Self-Mastery Academy membership! Click here to know all the different areas you can get help with

Student Community Access

Connect with incredible, like minded and loving people!Ask your questions and get answers from fellow members and Team EASE Coaches. Our community is like a family - a group of supportive and like-minded individuals who are all on a journey towards personal growth and success. You'll connect with people who share your values, cheer each other on, and inspire each other to be the best versions of themselves.  

Enroll in Platinum and get 1:1 Coaching with Team EASE Coaches

You will receive our exclusive attention and service to help you rise to your full potential. As a result, you will make powerful and lasting shifts in your life at a rapid pace! 1:1 coaching sessions will help you get the clarity you need to work on your goals and beliefs. They will help you stay on course and find various solutions to the problems you are trying to solve in life and at work! An exciting future with you operating at your top potential is within grasp when you sign up for the EASE Academy's Platinum Tier!


  • You will wish you had prioritized your GOALS & JOY!
  • You will wish you had accomplished your vision!
  • You'll wish you had worked on your healing & thought patterns!
  • You'll wish you had listened to your heart and joined today!

Be the person who makes their wishes come true, not the one who lives with regrets!

Leave the doubts away, focus on what's yours and SAY YES TO YOUR BEST VERSION, TO YOUR BEST LIFE!!

Life of EASE  FAQ

  • The program is a comprehensive, step-by-step roadmap to achieving inner-balance, elevated well-being, personal success and wisdom. The possibilities of your growth with this program are tremendous. Expect steady, drastic & radical shifts.

Depending upon the tier you join, you get:
1. Various tools and resources on personal development!
2. Live Group Coaching calls/ workshops with Team EASE Coaches.
3. Supportive Online community of people focused on personal well-being and growth!
4. Member discounts to online courses and retreats

This is a membership and you stay as long as you want.

However, personal transformation takes time, there is no quick fix. Deep inner work is needed to help you find lasting transformation.
Inner work and healing would need a minimum commitment of at least 6 MONTHS TO A YEAR if not more. Join this program if you are in for the long haul!
We recommend that when you join the membership think of it as a deeply transformative exercise. Inner shifts take time- there is no quick fix.

Transformation is faster in the Platinum tier 1:1 as you have a dedicated coach working with you.

Depending on the membership tier you are on , the weekly time commitment differs.
All tiers need about 60 to 90 minutes to do the weekly pdf exercises/ course modules
The Gold tier needs to plan for 2 group coaching calls every month!
We share a lot of resources and content, much more than what you need. You choose what you can do and how much you can do!

This is a membership.
You will be auto-charged monthly, quarterly, half yearly, yearly depending upon the plan you sign up. This ill happen through your credit card (USD payments) or through netbanking/debit card emandates(for Rupee Payments)! You can cancel anytime you like!

Absolutely!  You can take advantage from anywhere and join the many members from across the world - USA, UK, Europe, Canada, India, New Zealand & Australia

Assignments/Exercises are not reviewed by us since this is an adult program. Gold members can ask questions during the group coaching calls.

The Gold group coaching calls happen twice a month on
-- Sundays, 2nd (8:30PM IST)  and 4th (9AM IST)
-- Saturdays, 1st (8PM IST) and 3rd (12:30PM IST)

It is a one hour call where members can ask any question about the modules or/and life coaching questions they have. They are coached live in the group call by the coach. Other students also share their insights from their life experiences. It helps the student get holistic solutions to their concern. Calls are recorded and uploaded in the portal. The Group Process helps you feel supported. You learn from the questions, successes, struggles and life experiences of other group members as well!

Absolutely. You do what is comfortable for you in the group. You can be an active participant or a passive participant.
However, the members provide a safe environment for you to share. The group is very supportive and accepting of everyone and their struggles

You may sign up for the Platinum Tier above if you are looking for a private 1:1 program tailor made to your needs. 

We have a learning app for students. It's an easy download that helps students fasten their learning and also go deeper in their learning. They can watch/ hear the course modules while doing their daily tasks. The more the absorb the more they GROW & GLOW!

The EASE community is also accessible through the app as well and you can interact with other members and ask your questions on the community through the app!

We have a community for our students to ask questions, share their progress, find support and support others. The online EASE Community really helps students build meaningful relationships and find courage in their growth!

You find other like minded members focused on their growth. When you post questions on the community you are helped by EASE Coaches and otehr students as well. So you get so many ways and perspectives to your question and life situation.

Subscribe in Indian Rupees!!

Use Debit Card option for Verification!

It takes 2-3 days for the payment to first come in, after which you will be enrolled automatically.
Check for emails from connect@namitapurohit.com in promotions or spam!

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