"Are you ready to break free from the shackles of mediocrity and unlock your true potential?"

Join my signature workshop

"Unlock Your Potential"

In-person weekend workshop with me, Namita Purohit to upgrade your life! Delhi, Bengaluru, New York, Atlanta, Dallas, San Francisco & Seattle

Do you feel like you are stuck in a rut?

  • Do you find yourself struggling to grow in your job/business? Are you at a dead-end or unable to land that promotion or crack that high ticket business deal?
  • Do you find yourself  in difficult relationships? Are you tired of repeating the same patterns and unable to form the connections you desire? 
  • Are you struggling to achieve your health and fitness goals? Are you feeling stuck in a cycle of yo-yo dieting and unable to maintain a healthy lifestyle?
  • Are you feeling lost and directionless in life? Are you feeling unsupported? Are you at crossroads in life unsure which path is right for you?

My Signature Workshop

Unlock your Potential

is here to help you come out of your rut!

Overcome the limiting beliefs and patterns that are holding you back from achieving your big goals

Take charge of your relationships, finances, career & health, & more

Learn how to identify and overcome the limiting beliefs & patterns that are holding you back from achieving your goals

Leave with a renewed sense of purpose and the tools you need to make lasting change in your life.

Have a clear understanding of your aspirations and the strategies and tactics you need to achieve them

Arrive at a great place in your relationships, finances & career. Become a master manifestor.

MAKE THAT GREAT SHIFT with everything you get in this workshop

This workshop is designed to help you make that shift in your life! Scroll below to see everything you get

2.5 workshop days with me, Namita Purohit

Yes , I am making that special trip to your city to help you upgrade your life, make that jump, take that leap to living to your 100% potential and getting all that you deserve!

Deep Dive into achieving your goals

This will be a special time you will spend with me and yourself, a deep dive to work on yourself, find your energy and grow. Whether it is career growth you are looking at, increasing your wealth potential, finding a partner, recovery from a divorce/abusive relationship or any other goal- this workshop will help you get there- all in a weekend!

Interactive Exercises, Group Discussions & Community

Learn my signature EASE method to get instant clarity on your path. No more watching long youtube videos or scavenging the internet to get the clarity you need!

Team EASE Coaches to support you over the weekend

You will have the support of accomplished Team EASE Coaches throughout the weekend. You could also upgrade to 1:1 coaching sessions with them or with me.

EASE Swag Bag

We are planning and working hard to have some really exciting, fun and meaningful items in the swag bag to go with the retreat. We are very excited to share it with you!

If you want this amazing goodness of living your life to your fullest potential then sign up below

I am super excited to MEET YOU in person! 

It is going to be fun!! I am so looking forward to this!

I am making this trip to your city just to be with you, to know you better and to serve you!  

I care about helping you rise above your concerns and your fears. I want to do everything to help you achieve all that you are meant to achieve.

I am here to help you Unlock Your Potential - to help you Grow and Glow

Workshop Details, Inclusions and Exclusions

  • *This is an IN-PERSON event only. The program is NOT broadcast online. 
  • Refreshment & snack breaks included.
  • Airfare, transportation, accommodation, meals and extra services are NOT included in the price.
  • Seating is first-come, first-served each day. Check-in starts at 8:00 AM.
  • Translations are NOT provided. The event is in English only.
  • Registration for individual days is not available
  • *Covid-19 restrictions for this event: -
  • - It is NOT required to be vaccinated. 
  • - It is NOT required to be tested.
  •  - Wearing a face mask is optional. (It is completely at your own discretion if you wish to wear a mask).
  • - Washing and sanitizing your hands is recommended. - Note: If you are NOT a US citizen and you are traveling into the US, please check with the US embassy and airline from your own country for the COVID requirements to enter the US, before you book your place at the event.
  • To secure your place in the event, full payment is required when the payment link opens. It also requires acceptance of the Event Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer. 
  • Cancellation policy:  
  • Refundable (minus 10%) if canceling before  April 1st, 2023
  • Refundable (minus 20%) if canceling after May 1st, 2023 
  • Non-refundable if canceling after May 8th, 2023 
  • Note: If the event is canceled for any reason you will receive a refund minus a 5% administrative fee.  
  • For All Other Questions Please Email: connect@namitapurohit.com.  Please include the name of the event in your email title. Email is our primary and preferred form of communication; please allow 24-48 business hours for a reply. This ensures the best clarity and record-keeping for all communications. We will reply to your emails as soon as possible, and in the order they are received. Thank you for your understanding!


  • You will wish you had prioritized your GOALS & JOY!
  • You will wish you had accomplished your vision!
  • You'll wish you had worked on your healing & thought patterns!
  • You'll wish you had listened to your heart and joined today!

Be the person who makes their wishes come true, not the one who lives with regrets!

Leave the doubts away, focus on what's yours and SAY YES TO YOUR BEST VERSION, TO YOUR BEST LIFE!!

John Smith


Highly Recommended Course. Easy to Understand, Informative, Very Well Organized. The Course is Full of Practical and Valuable for Anyone who wants to Enhance their Skills. Really Enjoyed it. Thank you!!

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