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Become a Certified Life Coach. Live a life of contribution

Namita Purohit, Founder EASE Coach School

Make a Powerful Difference in People's Lives as an EASE Certified Life Coach!

Coaching is one of the most rewarding professions on earth.  As a certified Life Coach you get paid to help people build confidence, clear obstacles, feel unstoppable and accomplish their goals.

Watch your clients transform and reach new heights: financially, professionally, and personally. Celebrate with your clients as they find greater purpose, peace, and joy. 

Earn Your Life Coaching Credential in 6 months

We give you the tools to become an effective coach who’s ready to work with a diverse range of clients.

 Whether you dream about working with individuals, couples, teams, or organizations, we set you up for success.  The EASE Model helps you become successful in any niche you choose.

If you want to make a profound impact on people’s lives—and earn a great living—The EASE Coach School is where you need to be.  

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Wondering if becoming a Life Coach is right for you?

Sign up here for a mini orientation course that details everything you need to know about the Life Coaching profession, the industry and if it's a good fit for you.

Student Testimonials

"It is a wonderful course; It has taught me to live my life in a holistic manner and perceive and help others to do the same. It provides one with amazing tools (explained in a lucid manner along with clear pictures and videos) to help improve oneself and empathetically guide others towards happiness and beautiful relationships. Ayurveda, Auras, Ancestors, Balancing will find answers to all." 

Deepali Nandwani 
Dentist, Family and Relationship Coach, Udaipur, India

"EASE Coach School is the only program which asks you to work on yourself before being out in the world to help others. I learnt a lot about myself while doing the course assignments which helped me grow as a person and improve my relationships at the same time. Format of the course has deepened my understanding of my niche. I feel so ready to serve people and to help them become healed and whole and to grow and glow. " 

Sangeeta Goel
Software Engineer, Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Coach, Kansas City, US

"I feel I’m able to better manage my emotions during situations of discomfort. I am better at talking through conflict, regulating my reactions and visibly have more patience during conversations. Through the course, I’ve been able to cultivate healthier coping mechanisms, and feel more in control overall. All of this growth has helped me help others better. My niche is Women in Business. I am able to understand and help them with their challenges better. I’m able to coach with a clear head and a present mind. "

Neelofar Chowdhary
Software Engineer, Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Coach, Kansas City, US

"The Eastern and Western Wisdom tools that are shared in this course are really beneficial and give a holistic method in coaching. The tools shared are really nice and the certification assignments really helps us in first applying the principles on ourselves. This helps us in using the coaching tools really well for our clients as needed. The course is systematic and structured and very transformative for myself and my clients."

Dipti Amburle
Coach for Single Professional Women, Detroit, USA

I started the EASE Coach Certification simply for my own personal development. In the back of my mind , I thought, “ Perhaps I could become a life coach one day,” but at the time I was definitely doing it for myself. On a personal note, this program has guided me in finding my passion and purpose. This certification consolidated both eastern wisdom and western psychology very well. It has prepared me to go out into the world and share it. It is for this reason that I am most grateful for new insights. This program has been rigorous and challenging, with the combination of theory and practical elements learnt. Now I feel confident, passionate and sure that I have skills, knowledge and experience to be a great coach. I feel excited to assist people in being the best version of themselves, and living the life that they dream of.

Rashmi Shukul
Mindset Coach

"I have been a psychotherapist for 12 years and am quite aware of tools to help people. However I cannot even explain in words how liberating this course has been for me. A big thanks to you Namitaji. Your energies are Uplifting...elevating...super( your favorite word)healing. Through the tools given in this course, I was able to liberate myself from my past that needed healing and overcome certain debilitating inner scripts that were affecting me for years. Also this course has given me the confidence to freely use tools for eastern wisdom like Yoga, Ayurveda, Astrology, Energy Work, Ancestral Work in my coaching. I am now using the same EASE Coaching tools on my clients."

Madhulika Agarwal
Psychotherapist, Narc Abuse Recovery Coach

   "This is the best decision I took for myself. The tools I learnt to use in this course have helped me to know myself and remove my blocks at many levels and heal my past traumas Tools are helping me to inculcate many qualities such as assertiveness, better ability to respond, and Communicate. I have more control over my energies and my mind. Better relationships and lastly acceptance and self love. Having worked on myself at such a deep level with this course, I am able to coach my clients better. I understand their inner scripts and the area that need healing in them. I can then apply the coaching tools on them with great ease "

Poonam Batra
Occupational Therapist Coach for Spiritual Women and Relationship Abuse Recovery, New York, USA

" The EASE Life Coach certification program has prepare me a life coach. For me it is a dream come true. I have been trained to help clients by using eastern wisdom, western psychology & spirituality. Amazing program. It has buildup my self confidence and strength. Namitaji is excellent person who has build program so well. Every week you will learn new topic, practice it to become a effective Life Coach. It has given me a next level of experience. I have develop new skills to become a professional Life Coach. You can do it. Namitaji creates very friendly environment for students and her great positive impact will definitely motivate you and heal you through out. "

Mira Desai
Spirituality and Abundance Coach, New Jersey, USA

"Thanks a million times for the wonderful knowledge you have shared with us. It’s a life time work.  Listening to people’s fears, anxiety, pains, past traumas is not easy. Instead of feeling pity on them or getting carried away by their trauma I now come from a space of understanding for all they have gone through while continuing to see their issues from a coaching perspective. I cannot express gratitude enough to Namita Ma’am for her guidance from time to time in keeping our focus clear. -Being patient with the change that we wish to bring in our client's lives , implementing in our lives and doing assignments because it really really helped us to gain the most out of this course. It’s a life time inner work which taught us to be patient to ourselves . Just by attending those weekly calls and listening to you brought so much more understanding about the subject. The list is endless. Thank you for setting this superb platform for us and all future Coaches to be.."

Shivani Dhawan
Coach for Parents of Special Needs Children

"Ease Coach certification course has helped me immensely to understand my own self, my thoughts and feelings. Analysis of my own strengths and weaknesses has contributed in my personal growth and helped me to respond positively to all situations and with people in all my relationships. Course has helped me to coach myself as I am going through difficult emotions and situations. Various concepts like Ayurveda - Food, Mood and Emotions, rewriting our Inner scripts, Energy and Chakras, Guided Meditations has given me deeper understanding and knowledge to be able to coach others to reach their full potential. "

Ramya Chandrasekhar
Relationship Coach UK

Perfect perfect perfect!!It's been the best decision ever that I made for myself, the tools provided by ma'am are excellent, I've been a trauma survivor, and here I am within 4 weeks. I can see the results on myself. This is a complete package, no matter whre we are stuck, all the answers and solutions are here. Healing Transformation is guaranteed. Community and Namita ma'am are very supportive.

Mrgakshi Shukla
Student from April 22 cohort

" The EASE Life Coach certification program has prepare me a life coach. For me it is a dream come true. I have been trained to help clients by using eastern wisdom, western psychology & spirituality. Amazing program. It has buildup my self confidence and strength. Namitaji is excellent person who has build program so well. Every week you will learn new topic, practice it to become a effective Life Coach. It has given me a next level of experience. I have develop new skills to become a professional Life Coach. You can do it. Namitaji creates very friendly environment for students and her great positive impact will definitely motivate you and heal you through out. "

Mira Desai
Spirituality and Abundance Coach, New Jersey, USA

What Makes Us Different?

Wisdom from the EAST and the WEST

The only coach certification that combines both

You learn the best of tools from the east and the west to help your clients achieve the outcomes you are looking for. You learn tools from the Gita, Yoga, Ayurveda, Astrology, Energy Sciences, Family constellations, Ancestral work , CBT and more
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Build your Coaching Business

A complete system to be successful in your coaching practice!

Once you become a certified coach your next step is to start your coaching practice. At the EASE Coach School we also have modules to help you with that. Right from the outset, you can opt for the membership add on to get access to Coach Business Setup modules and calls even after you complete your coach certification. It's a place you can trust &  receive step wise information and coaching to create a business that works and gives you a stable reliable income!
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Creating Leaders, Not Followers

To be a great coach, you need to walk your talk and lead by example.

We are determined to help you not only become a successful coach, but also, become the very best version of yourself and be a role model for your clients. With us, you gain new professional skills and gain tools to upgrade your own life.
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Coaching Industry Facts!

Feeling stuck, unable to grow in their careers, loneliness, narcissistic abuse, difficult relationships, confusion, restlessness, lack of goal clarity, self-sabotage, relationship challenges and so many other issues are plaguing people more than ever. They block them from expressing and living their full potential.
People are realizing that!

 Life Coaches are in great demand as people are looking for HELP to navigate their HARD lives.

The Coaching industry is a $2.85 billion industry. It is one of the fastest growing profession globally

The Srimad Bhagavatam states that as Kali Yuga progresses, people will become more anxious, quarrelsome and disturbed.

99% of people who have hired a coach state that the experience was "rewarding" and they would do it again. They report improved confidence, relationships, confidence and self-exteem.

Companies that hire coaches see an over 200% return on investment

Life Coaches are needed more than ever!

What do you receive?

The EASE Coach Certification Program primes you to start your practice in any of these Coaching Streams: a Life Coach, a Success Coach, a Youth Coach, a Relationship Coach & more. You get a complete coaching system to help you with the process and the tools to serve your clients!

  • 6 months of advanced Life Coach Training in eastern and western wisdom, coaching methodologies and case studies  
  • 24 Live Coach Calls taught by Namita Purohit and Team EASE Coaches. Ask your questions and learn from the questions, successes of others in the group as well. The Group Process helps you feel supported.
  • Membership in a small group cohort where you can pair with members to practice coaching . A facebook like community to post your questions and get answers from Team EASE Coaches and fellow students
  • A welcome call and  access to a welcome onboarding course online: to help you navigate the course dashboard, know what to expect in your course journey, where to find what and more! 

  • Coaching Fundamentals: Understand what shapes a person's psychophysical nature according to Eastern and Western Wisdom  Get a holistic approach to help your clients replace irrational beliefs and release emotional blocks, stress, fear, anxiety and more! Learn about the causes of imbalance in personality and holistic methods to bring it back in balance!
  • Coaching Framework: Run an effective coaching engagement with your clients & lead them to success! Get in session coaching techniques to help them overcome their beliefs & emotional blocks Find out who can you help and who should you refuse

    BONUSES worth $750
  • BONUS $250 worth Coaching Packet filled with all the brandable worksheets and forms you need to start your coaching practice like client intake forms, coaching session guidelines and more.  
  • BONUS $250 Guided Meditation Audios that you could download use as is for your clients 
  • BONUS $250 Talking scripts to use during your coaching sessions with your clients as you meet different coaching situations.

You could also buy the add on Business Module membership that kicks on after the first 6 months.
You get special business modules and also receive business coaching through the calls. The membership is to a like minded community of heart centered coaches working towards being successful in their online coaching business.

How much time do you need?
The program runs over 6 months
57 hrs of self- study through instructional videos taking you through Namita's Signature Coaching Method and Framework!
31 hrs  of reflection and application The program helps you apply the fundamentals in your life so you can show up fully for your coachees. The program also helps you do what you need to do to setup your business.
24 hrs  of Coaching Practice and Prep that you need to do to get your certification. Namita will support you through the process to help you be successful!
Certification requirements- 10 asssignments due within 5 months of enrollment in order to complete the program in 6 months!

EASE Coach Training Program Tiers


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Rs.57,990(Includes 18% GST)

  • EASE Coaching Framework Lite Course - standalone online recorded course.
  • Learn lite EASE coaching skills to start coaching clients
  • Basic business tips and brandable worksheets 
  • Transferable credits towards the EASE Coach Certification Program
  • Not included:  Live Calls, Certification, Community Support & EASE Model Training

Need more clarity! Watch this 11 min video  to  get the details!!


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Rs.3,30,400(Includes 18% GST)

  • 6 Months Coach Certification Training
  • Training on the EASE Model of Coaching
  • Includes Live Calls with Namita Purohit & Team EASE Coaches
  • Includes Access To EASE Community

basic + Business



Rs. 3,99,990 (includes 18% GST)

  • Everything in Basic +
  • 6 Months Access to the EASE Business Membership

1.  Live Calls with Namita Purohit and Team EASE Coaches
2. Continued access to EASE Coach Community
3.  Access to 7 Business Modules that help you setup your business +THE COACHING YOU NEED AS YOU START YOUR BUSINESS

This 6 month membership starts after your certification. It helps you get support from Namita Purohit, Team EASE and fellow students as you start your business! You don't want to be alone as you are starting out.

Do not miss this bundle  
1.Save $147 (Rs.12,900) at the outset for 6 months. You pay for 5 and get the 6th month free.
2. Membership rates maybe higher when you join after your certification!

Want an EMI Option for INR payments?
Watch the video below to know how to get it!!
The video was made a few years ago and therefore does not reflect the current program fee!


The duration of the course is six months, though you have lifetime access to the video course modules. There are 10 assignments to submit as a part of the certification process, and those need to be submitted by the end of Month 5. Time commitment: 60–90 minutes per week for six months.

The program is self-paced. The entire course is available online and in recorded format. You learn at your own pace and convenience through the course portal. You get two group learning calls every month with Namita Purohit, where you can ask your questions and learn from others. These are on Sundays, IST. In addition, we also have two Bonus Course Learning Support Calls with an EASE Coach in a month on Saturdays as an additional opportunity to ask your clarifying questions We also have a course community on our portal (like a Facebook group but on our website) where you can post your doubts and queries. Namita Purohit and Team EASE Coaches answer questions on the portal every day.

We recommend that you go through the EASE Coach Certification orientation program you have access to. You will have more clarity about all your questions above. Past webinar recordings are also available there.
We like students to go through the course and make an informed decision. You have been sent the login details a few times over email.You can login at with your email address. If you havent't set your password use , forgot password to set your password.Go to, and you will see the orientation program there.

We don't know yet. Please register at so that you can get more information.

The course modules are dripped and need to be completed in 5 months at one's own pace. It should not be a problem if you miss a few days.
 The recording of live calls is available in case you miss some of them, but we highly recommend attending those.

The program is for six months, and the assignments are due at the end of the 5th month. We have seen students be able to finish in the time frame even with full-time jobs, travel, vacation, etc. We also have an app that helps students complete the course modules better and faster. Many students do their learning while driving and doing other chores.

We have a "no refund" policy. We can serve students who are all in; otherwise, the learning of our existing students is impacted. Those who are not confident about the program should not join, as they will not be stable. You have a right to your due diligence by going through the orientation program.

Business modules help you setup your online coaching practice in a stepwise manner with recommendations on market research, defining your ideal customer, marketing strategies and tactics, tech tool recommendations, and more. Also, you get access to live calls and a community to help you get your questions answered and fine-tune your strategy. This membership starts after your certification. It helps you get support from Namita Purohit, Team EASE, and fellow students as you start your business! You don't want to be alone as you are starting out. The business modules teach you how to setup your business; we don't do that for you.

We have a learning app for students. It's an easy download that helps students fasten their learning and also go deeper in their learning. They can watch or hear the course modules while doing their daily tasks.  
The EASE community is also accessible through the app, and you can interact with other members and ask your questions in the community through the app!