Namita's group coaching workshops on emotional development and personal healing have been personally beneficial to me. She deals with personality changes not just from the level of the mind but also helps us work on deep seated thoughts and behaviors in our energy and sub-conscious that are blocking us from living our full self.

Specifically, she brings in the best of both the worlds viz; western and eastern healing technologies and utilizes them for the benefit of the person.
Sashidhar K

Microsoft, Seattle WA

Her sessions involved a lot of introspection and extensive inner work which helped unlock a lot of unknown and unanswered questions about myself. She addressed each concern distinctly and helped heal them by providing me tools and frameworks to apply. Working with her has caused a paradigm shift in my life which helped heal a number of issues that were all connected and intertwined.

I would highly recommend her Life coaching sessions....I am now a different person from the time that I first met her and feel more free. My life, which was derailed due to a series of events, is now coming back on track. I cannot express how indebted I am to her!
Anuprita R

Amazon, Seattle WA

 Her ability to drive to the core of the issues seemed innate and her focus to help move me to a good place gave me a lot of confidence. Her amazing ability to bring the client to a mindful state along with her grasp of emotional intelligence differentiates her from any other coach that I have worked with in the past.

She sees her success in her clients’ success - healthy minds and hearts. That is the most admirable aspect about her.
Ajay C

Sr. Director, Digisignals

Namita is an empathetic listener and good coach. She made me think deeply and analyse my thought process. She helped me in releasing the blocks and fears which were unknowingly troubling me since years. Her coaching made me think differently and focus on what is important for me in life. The outcome of her coaching gave a paradigm shift in my life which empowered me to increase my confidence and power to mould my life. I would highly recommend her Life coaching sessions. The tools and other references she gave me also helped a lot! I feel great about the service she is doing and am very thankful to her! I wish her very best ahead!

Sailaja A
Sr. Software Developer
Dusseldorf, Germany
Namita’s training is a must for all individuals especially for professional managers. Her training on emotional intelligence helped me have better personal and professional relationships, and build insights into my communication and beliefs and how they can affect others. She also has great tools to understand your social, emotional, personal and professional needs and how to build a inner healthy dialogue to overcome failures and achieve greater success. She is a great listener and a wonder 1:1 coach, and superb to work with. I wish her all the best for future endeavors, and recommend her to all professionals.

Anchal Nema
Software Development Manager, Amazon
Seattle, WA
As any client would lookout for developing trust with a life coach, she had a very warm and empathetic approach which aided the relationship even better. Her holistic approach towards treatment gave me a sense that she can help me with my condition. She is a great listener and has excellent knowledge in all fields such as REBT, Ayurveda, Astrology, Chakra Healing, Spirituality and much more. She gave a sense of hope and optimism to move on in life and develop a positive attitude towards it. I found her sessions to be healing and therapeutic. Really pleased and feeling immense gratitude for having a satisfactory progress.

Sujatha Samyanathan
Study Manager , Psychologist
Phoenix, Arizona
  • I had the opportunity to connect with Namita at her Expert in Residence session located at Thinkspace. She gave very sound advice that encompasses a combination of critical thinking and emotional intelligence training. I feel rejuvenated after a brief session and find her methods to be very helpful.

April Wu
Digital Strategy Specialist
Seattle, WA
Namita is very kind and gentle in her approach yet passionate and knowledgable. I really enjoyed learning from her and practicing different mindfulness techniques together. The tools she shared with me on how to deal with stress were very simply yet very effective. By the end of our workshop I felt an immediate difference and change in my stress and anxiety levels. Thank you, Namita!

Ekaterina Gamarnik
Location Manager, Thinkspace
Seattle, WA
Namita’s workshop are really required by all in today’s world. Her insights, knowledge, guidance, patience’s, warmth and most importantly her dedication to help you is remarkable. Clear, precise workshops giving you more than what you bargained for.

Ujwala Oberoi
CEO , Oberoi Films, India
Her workshops have helped me in a big way . It brought about a positive transformation not only in my behaviour but also changed my perception in many ways. She has helped me deal with provocative situations positively!!

Dimple Shah
Homemaker, Mumbai, India
I did enjoy practicing different mindfulness techniques through Namita's teaching. The techniques she gave have been very helpful for the daily work, which can be stressful and demanding for managers like us. I felt it was useful and it helped to get higher perspective and provide better solutions for many of the problems we meet. Thank you Namita!

Sylvain Dromaint
General Manager, Altix
Seattle, WA
Namita has done a great deal of work leading wonderful workshops and trainings and producing excellent videos about emotional and psychological well-being. Her productions have always been to the point and addressing the heart of issues facing this day and age. She takes utmost care in researching deep enough about problems when presenting solutions by drawing upon instances and information from scriptures. She is also extremely talented and very collaborative by nature and hence is able to touch and uplift many lives. I have personally found working with her very empowering and enriching. I sincerely look forward to see the heights she will scale by helping others by promoting self-awareness and making the society a better place.

Deepali Soundarrajan

What can I say about Namita.. words can’t do justice! She was my first teacher in my spiritual journey. Always ready to listen and willing to help. So much determination to do what it takes to make a difference in people’s lives. What an incredible life coach ! I can say without doubt that she has given me a rock solid foundation.
She has left me with renewed hope, faith, love and an elevated consciousness.  I am ever so grateful for that. It has truly been an honor to have crossed paths.

Resham Mehta
Founder, Anushka Jewelry & Design
Mumbai, India

Namita purohit you  are an amazing life coach . you are empathetic and professional . your sessions, talks and videos have helped me weigh all my options and workout  on my strengths  and core values to ensure to  incorporated those into my decisions as well. your every talk and video gives excellent perspective on life situations and offers alternative ways to view things . every session was actionable and kept me accountable by assigning home work in which i have to practice using different tools in specific situations. You are completely down to earth, approachable and an institution in yourself.

Prof Kanchan Maiskar
Hyderabad, India
I have attended Namita's workshops in Zurich over the last two years. I found them very helpful in connecting with myself and working on my inner growth, strength and emotional balance. She has an amazing quality of understanding people's challenges and she has holistic solutions that helped me heal myself through changing my thought processes, healing my energy and diet changes.

Doris Tuor
Zurich , Switzerland
I attended Namita's training program on "know yourself to grow yourself". I found she had a deep understanding on the topic and I benefitted a lot from her training in knowing myself. She also gave various techniques on nurturing and balancing my personality which I found very useful in my growth. I look forward to attending more of Namita's trainings when she comes to Zurich next

Oskar Knapik
PhD Scholar