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This is a part of the Self-Mastery Academy- Group Coaching Program. Members get access to this to work on different aspects of their self- their needs, their emotions, their passion, their desire, their purpose and more!


Course Curriculum

Namita Purohit

Namita is an engaged coach and trainer who has served 1000s across United States, Europe and India on emotional intelligence,self-awareness and inner balance. She was featured on KING 5 TV as an expert on Emotional Intelligence and Inner Stability

Namita has offered workshops/talks/coaching to more than 6000 people at Amazon, Costco, Bellevue College, Thinkspace, Cap Gemini, IIT Madras, Indian Army & Indian Navy to name a few. She is certified in Personal Counseling and Energy Healing. 

Additionally, Namita received the Gold Star Employee Award during her stint as a software engineer at Microsoft.

Namita has a holistic approach in working with the body, the mind & energy to bring about a sustainable change in her clients' patterns. She draws from psychotherapy along with the eastern methods of Ayurveda, Mindfulness & Energy Management in her coaching. 


I am now a different person from the time that I first met her and feel more free. My life, which was derailed due to a series of events, is now coming back on track. I cannot express how indebted I am to her!

Anuprita Rao
Software Engineer, Amazon
Seattle, WA
I did enjoy practicing different mindfulness techniques through Namita's teaching. Her techniques were very helpful for the daily work, which can be stressful and demanding for managers like us. I felt it was useful and it helped to get higher perspective and provide better solutions for many of the problems we meet. Thank you Namita!

Sylvain Dromaint
General Manager, Altix
Seattle, WA