Energies, Chakras, Healing & You

Clean, Heal and Strengthen Your Energy, Raise Your Vibration, Realign All Aspects Of Your Being & Tune With Your Body's Natural Healing Systems

Become Healed & Whole Again

Modern Psychology deals with the mind and its patterns , while allopathy deals with the physical body. Rapid progress has been made in these areas, however the link between the two through Quantum physics is only now being explored. The eastern traditional medicine system and the mind-body-spirituality system of yoga has always been aware of the Energy Body - the energy system that links the mind and the body together. Chakras, Meridians, Aura and Energy form this Energy Body system or the Pranamaya kosha that makes your organs and your thought processes alive- aptly also called as the Life Air/Prana. Mastering your Pranic Energy System blueprint is the key to awaken physical & emotional healing, restore your vitality, eject negative energy, relieve pain, accelerate behavioral changes, mend relationships and navigate your karma!

60 minutes of video, Guided meditations & Introspective exercises every week!

8 / 10 week Self-Learning Online Program!

The Energy Mastery Course is 8 weeks
The Law of Attraction Add-on is another 2 weeks!

This is a self-learning online program . I have created this with a lot of love and care. My purpose is to give you the knowledge and tools so you can heal yourself and others.

Every week you will get an email with access to the video lectures, guided meditations and introspection exercises for the week.

As you do those you will heal yourself , your energy, your chakras, your health and your emotions!

I use these tools to help my 1:1 clients and I am so happy to share the same tools with you! 

What you will learn over the next ten weeks!


Understand your chakras, meridiens & your aura. Clear your chakras and energy through your intention and meditation. Learn about the use of music, tones, colors, foods and mantras to help heal your chakras. Get an in-depth understanding of each of your 7 primary chakras.


Unblock your chakras to boost your self esteem and strengthen your self worth. Heal physical & emotional ailments by addressing specific chakra imbalances. Heal your grief & past trauma.
 Improve your relationships by unblocking your solar plexus and heart chakra. Improve your intuition by nourishing your ajna chakra. Cultivate your spiritual growth to keep yourself healed and whole. 


    Raise your vibration by purifying your thoughts. Attract a flourishing career, wealth, healthy relationships and personal growth by aligning with your energy. Manifest your desires with the practice of gratitude and forgiveness. Learn the principles of the Law of Attraction to attract what you need to attract in your life.

Exciting bonuses worth $170 included in the course!
A BIG BANG for your buck!

1 ) Seven Guided Meditations

7 Guided Meditation mp3s to clean, heal and strengthen each chakra. Bonus Value $95

2 ) Several Introspection Exercises

Release inbuilt thought patterns and emotions from each chakra. Set your intention for each aspect of your life and shape your identity.
Bonus Value: $45

3)Transformative Statements & Affirmations

Affirmations to plan your heal your chakras and transform your life!
Bonus Value: $30

Invite Beautiful Changes In Your Life!

You will find your energy clearing & you will feel lighter
Your intuition will get sharper than ever
You will be guided to the right relationships.
Unhealthy relationships will fall away.
You will be guided to making proper choices in life and in your career
and you will attract those things that resonate with your elevated energy vibration!

Namita Purohit

I will be your facilitator for this course

In my coaching and training practice I have used these very same methods to help thousands of people transform their lives! I was featured on KING 5 TV as an expert on Emotional Intelligence and Inner Stability.
I have offered workshops/coaching to more than 6000 people at Amazon, Costco, Bellevue College, Thinkspace, Cap Gemini, IIT Madras, Indian Army & Indian Navy to name a few.
I am certified in Personal Counseling and Energy Healing.
Additionally, I have received a Gold Star Employee Award during my stint as a software engineer at Microsoft.
I have a holistic approach in working with the body, the mind & energy to bring about a sustainable change in her clients' patterns. I draw from psychotherapy along with the eastern methods of Ayurveda, Mindfulness & Energy Management in my coaching & online courses

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